Lending Policies

In order to make materials available to all persons on an equal basis, Chrisland university has adopted the following policy for the circulation of library materials

Who May Borrow

Registered Members of Chrisland University Communities can borrow material that is available from Chrisland University Library without charge while presenting acceptable proof of identity

Staff and students need to be registered in the library. By virtue of registrations  1) Users are responsible for maintaining the physical condition of the materials checked out by minors, including loss and damage or overdue fines until such materials reach the check-in desk; 2)users are totally responsible for monitoring the appropriateness of materials check out.

Chrisland University Library will issue Library Cards to those first time library users requesting them.  Applicants will have valid registrations on file at the university library at the time of the request.

Library Registrations and Library Cards

Any patron wishing to borrow materials from the Chrisland University Library will need to fill out a registration card. Upon successful completion of the registration, a staff member will issue a library card to the patron.  The patron will need to sign the back of the large library card.  This card must be presented each time the patron wishes to check out.

Patrons will need to present their library card in order to use the Library. Chrisland university Library cards shall expire four years from issuance. Library Staff may ask patrons to review and update registration information upon re-issuance.

Every patron is responsible for his or her own library card.

If a patron loses his or her library card they may be issued a new one by informing the library that the card is lost and paying a fee for replacement.

First-Time Borrowing

Upon successful completion of the registration the new borrower may check out one (1) item the first time.  When these items have been returned in satisfactory condition and timely, the borrower may check out two (2)materials.

Length of Loan

Library loan periods are set to allow adequate but not excessive or exclusive use of library materials by patrons. Different types of materials may be used at different rates and as such loan periods are not uniform for each item in the library.  Loan periods may be modified at the discretion of the librarian on duty for special circumstances such as vacations, illness, special projects, book clubs, etc.

Library materials, unless otherwise designated, may be borrowed for two weeks after which it can be renewed.
The patron has the responsibility of returning the material on or before the date due.  If items are overdue after one month from the last check out or renewal, the patron may not check out further material until the missing materials are returned or replacement costs are paid.

Limits on Borrowing

Any one borrower may check out a “reasonable” amount of material at any one time. “Reasonable amount” is left to the discretion of library staff on duty at the time material is presented for check out.  Limits may be placed on amounts of library materials allowed out to one patron when staff are aware of special projects or assignments being given to segments of library users.

Material cataloged as reference, rare or historically significant materials or those unsuited for general circulation may be used only in the library and shall be available for use outside the library only by specific permission of the Librarian.


Renewals may be made in person, or over the telephone, by e-mail, or online by the patron through their library ILS login.  Materials may be renewed as detailed above in the length of loan section, at the discretion of library staff on duty at the time of request and if there are no reserves for the same materials outstanding.  Should a patron request a loan extension after the final renewal period, the materials must be returned and be available on the shelves to other borrowers for at least one full library day, after which the first patron may again check out the materials.

Patrons may be granted renewals of materials one or two days overdue at the discretion of the librarian on duty if no person is on a waiting list and the patron accepts responsibility for overdue fees.


Patrons requesting materials in the library’s permanent collection which are out on loan may place a “reserve” on such materials.  Requesting patrons will be notified when materials are available.  While on reserve, materials will not be eligible for renewal.

Library materials shall be held for a patron no longer than three days after the patron has been notified, unless other arrangements have been made.  After three days, the material shall be available to the next borrower, if there is a waiting list, or shelved.

Library Use Charges and Overdue Fines

An overdue fine, the amount to be determined by the university Library, shall be assessed on all library materials not returned when due.  Fines shall accumulate to a maximum equal to the cost of replacement of materials not returned.  Notice of overdue materials will be given a borrower when possible, but failure to receive such notice shall not excuse the patron from fines.

The purpose of fines for overdue items at the Library is to provide a financial reminder to the patron to return items on time. Often, courtesy verbal and written reminders from the staff take valuable time and monetary resources away from the library.

Borrowers failing to return library materials in accord with library policy, including failure to pay fines and/or damages, will be excluded from library service until materials are returned and all fines and/or damages have been paid.

Damages to library materials beyond normal wear, including writing in materials, defacing and mutilating same, and all losses of library materials shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Director.

Damaged library materials may be paid for in one of the following ways:

  • Pay current cost of rebinding if the condition of the book permits.
  • Pay current retail price of the materials new.
  • Patron may purchase a new replacement copy and give this to the library.

Lost books may be paid for by either option #2 or #3 above.  All other library materials, including periodicals, video and audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs, if lost, shall be paid for in an amount equal to the current cost of replacement and never less than the cost to the library when originally purchased.