Our law library is a special library used by law studentslawyersjudges and their law clerks, historians and other scholars of legal history in order to research the law. Law libraries are also used by people who draft or advocate for new laws, e.g. legislators and others who work in state governmentlocal government, and legislative counsel offices.

Our law library contain print, computer assisted legal research, and microform collections of laws in force, session lawssuperseded lawsforeign and international law, and other research resources, e.g. continuing legal education resources and legal encyclopedias (e.g. Corpus Juris Secundum among others), legal treatises, and legal history.

Our Law library includes the following “core collection:

  1. all reported federal court decisions and reported decisions of the highest appellate court of each state;
  2. all federal codes and session laws, and at least one current annotated code for each state;
  3. all current published treaties and international agreements of the United States;
  4. those federal and state administrative decisions
  5. law weekly report
  6. significant secondary works necessary