Ruth Ulinfin, the first graduate to attend both Chrisland schools and University in this exclusive interview with Moyin Ajayi recounted her experience in Chrisland Schools and her Adventurous under graduate days at Chrisland University.

Congratulations Ruth, now, we can confidently call you the complete Chrislander, having attended all Chrisland school from kindergarten to tertiary level. You are certainly the first to achieve that. Can you share with us how the journey was?

I entered Chrisland in 2004. at first it wasn’t so tough because I entered when I was six years old. Chrisland primary is my home, I know everyone there and everybody knows me. I got to meet amazing teachers and amazing friends. I was never alone, I always had friends. Then I entered secondary school in 2009 while I was in primary 4. Chrisland taught me that we can anything if we just put our mind to it and put it into prayers. I was an athlete, I love running and it was something that grew with me so any competition or sport event, I was always there. It was not just athletics that I was into, I also loved football. It just6 clicked as the ball touch my feet. Chrisland had the best teachers, most caring, ever present and always ready to help at all cost. The always believed that each child had a gift and a potential for greatness, nobody was left behind ever, even the least student.

Then in SSS2i decided to run for a post and since I was into sports it seemed the right fit. So, I went for it was an honour serving the school because the school made me to reach for the star and grab what I love.

Then I finished secondary school and went for the NCUK programme in the pre-degree college that they had. That experience was when I finally realized what I wanted to do in my life. In secondary school, I was studying accounting which wasn’t easy for me but when I got to the Pre-degree college I switched to international relations (I know it’s odd) but when I switch, I completely fell in love with the course. After finishi9ng in 2016, I decided to write JUPEB in Chrisland University, I finally got admission the following year (2017) and started properly in Chrisland University and graduated with a second class upper in Political Science. It has been an amazing journey because without Chris land’s help, my morals and ethics wouldn’t be so good

How did you feel moving one Chrisland school to another?

It wasn’t so easy at first but I’m glad that I got to have that experience with Chrisland school. They are like a family to me as I moved from one platform to another. It was easy because I got to see teachers that helped me wholeheartedly.

Didn’t you find it monotonous or boring? Did you ever fell like taking a break and experience another school?

In all fairness I wanted a fresh start, new faces, new challenges and all but God had a different plan for me and who am I to say no to that?

In all, how many years did you spend in Chrisland?

I spent 16 years in Chrisland

Looking back, which parts of the journey did you find most interesting, which was your most memorable part?

The most memorable part was partaking in events which dealt with sports. I loved every part of it even down to the inter-house sports.

Can you share your experiences at Chrisland University, your course of study, life on campus and so on.?

Life on campus was memorable, hilarious, challenging and most of all it felt like home. Everybody around you wanted you to pass and not fail because nobody liked repeated a course so everybody worked hard. The lecturers were really like parents to us- both mothers and fathers, even down to the vice chancellor. She was excellent at her work and she made sure all our needs were met and taken care of. She was always there. in some universities you don’t see the VC but in Chrisland she was there 24/7 and made our stay or rather my stay a comfortable and warm one.

In terms of academic standard, quality of lecture facilities and so on, how would you rate the University?

the university has a permanent site and with what they’ve accomplished so far on that structure, I would give the school an 8/10

did the University meet your expectations? In that way did it help you achieve your goals and aspiration?

The University meet my needs and some of my lecturers till send articles in case we want to do our masters overseas. They always encouraged us to do better and that is something we all needed because not everybody could survive on their own. We all needed some guidance and understanding about the principles of the school really gave us that.

My goal was to finish excellently well, yes, I didn’t finish with a first class but I attained a high CGPA and managed to be amongst the top in my set through Chrisland’s values and ethics.

What life-enhancing values did Chrisland instill in you?

They taught me how to be patient, to be a goal getter, pace setter and an overall best. They never looked down on any one if at all, they lifted people up. The school helped me mostly to channel my anger, fear and some emotions into my academics because that was my primary goal.

What advice do you have for Chrisland student generally?

My advice would be don’t be hard on yourself when you feel all hope is lost; don’t take it out on the teachers or staff of school or establishment. Just be yourself, pray and ask for help, when necessary, Chrisland organization is always there to help you, no matter the circumstances.

On a lighter note, would you consider taking up employment with Chrisland?

According to God’s will.